the Gospel according to


(Matt. 9:9-13)

Here are some suggested memory verses:

Matt. 5:16

Matt. 6:24

Matt. 10:32,33

Matt. 12:36

Matt. 15:8

Matt. 16:16

Matt. 18:3

Matt. 18:20

Matt. 20:26

Matt. 28:18-20

Try to learn one verse each week for a month.

I. Author

   A. an apostle

      1. Matt. 10:2-4

   B. also named Levi

      1. Luke 5:27

   C. from Capernaum (a large city on a major highway, with a large harbor)

      1. Matt. 4:13 (Where did Jesus live at this time?)

      2. Matt 9:1 (Where did this chapter take place?)

      3. Matt. 9:9-13

   D. may have been wealthy

      1. Luke 5:27

   E. last mentioned by name in New Testament

      1. Acts 1:13

II. Book

   A. written anywhere between AD 38 and AD 70

   B. referred to by Papias of Hierapolis at beginning of 2nd century

   C. contains much not recorded in other Gospels

   D. not written in chronological order

   E. purpose: demonstrate that Jesus is the Messiah

   F. written to Jews (perhaps in Hebrew)

      1. translates Hebrew words (for Greek speaking Jews?)

         a. Matt. 1:23

      2. does not explain Jewish customs as others do

         a. Mark 7:3,4

      3. traces ancestry of Jesus to throne of David

         a. Matt. chapter 1

      4. quotes extensively from Old Testament (almost every chapter)

III. Message

   A. God with us

      1. Matt. 1:22,23

   B. great light

      1. Matt. 4:14-16

   C. justice and hope to the world

      1. Matt. 12:15-21

   D. many will not listen or look

      1. Matt. 13:14-16

   E. forsaken by God for us

      1. Matt. 27:46